Buying Buddy CRM Features

Buying Buddy CRM gives you a single integrated lead management system that provides you with comprehensive information and automated follow-up programs.

  • Integration with your website and IDX data gives detailed insights into lead activity and intentions
  • Activity tracking helps you to identify when leads are likely to become immediate opportunities
  • Integrated communications and history logs allow you to keep track of everything
  • Reporting and Dashboards keep everyone accountable
General CRM Features
  • Integrated System
  • Manage leads in the context of their home search activities.
  • Responsive CRM for Desktop, Tablet or Mobile
Lead Management
  • Manage Leads
  • Seeing all the lead's activity means you can track their interests, predict their intentions and fine-tune their experiences. Add notes, tasks and send follow-up emails.
  • Instant Profiling
  • Instant lead profiling and alerts give you immediate visibility of new leads so you quickly decide how to engage or connect with the buyer in the right way.
  • Drip Email
  • Automated activities do the hard work of keeping-in-touch and driving leads back to your site for you, so that you can focus on leads that need attention today.
  • Properties and Property Alerts
  • The Recommend function allows you, as the Agent, to create Just Listed email property alerts, save searches and save properties too, on behalf of your leads.
Sales Support
  • Action Plans
  • Automated action plans ensure you never forget a lead and always follow-up.
  • Click to Call
  • Make sales calls faster and more productive with automated completion.
  • Reports and Alerts
  • Dashboards and Reports give you insights to your most active leads and leads that need follow up.
  • Communications Productivity
  • Automatic Activity tracking and completion
Listing Marketing
  • Marketing Listings
  • Add high resolution photos
  • Add descriptive text
  • Add private listings, rentals and more.
Multi-User / Multi-Role
  • Users in the system can play one of several 'roles' which allows full collaboration on leads between different team members that can include Agents, Loan Officers and Assistants.
  • Assign Leads
  • Lead Distribution / Routing
  • Round Robin
  • Visibility of latest lead assignments
  • Ability to send reminders
  • Action plans automated across multiple Roles / Team members
  • Individual and Team Lead Performance Reports
  • Business Intranet
  • The Business Center provides an intranet environment for your office or team with support for team communications calendar of events, and shared documents and links.
Team Management
  • Get control, visibility and accountability from your team. Common notes and audit-trails help keep everyone informed.
  • Lead Distribution
  • Configurable Round Robin for Agents
  • Configurable Round Robin for Loan Officers
  • Email and SMS alerts to Agents when assigned leads.