Lead Management for Real Estate Teams

Buying Buddy includes multi-user and multi-role support and CRM for Teams and Offices.


For Teams and Offices, the multi-user system gives every Agent their own login and access to their own leads.

Management tools include automatic lead assignment, Agent activity logs and more.

Add more Agents to your account as needed.


Fully involve your lender partners, lead coordinators and others.

Leads can be assigned to multiple users that have different 'roles' with a lead.

Multiple user Roles means that drip campaigns and actions plans can coordinate lead engagement from multiple different people in your team.

Lead Distribution

Rules and policies determine how leads are assigned and distributed.

Leads can be manually assigned, or a distributed automatically to Agents and Loan Officers using a configurable Round Robin method.

Multi-user CRM system

Agent Accountability / Team Management

The Team performance dashboard helps you to track and monitor key Agent activities including assigned leads, time to respond and engagement levels. These insights help you understand how individuals are performing, allowing you to guide and coach your team to more success.

Team dashboard and forecasting