Create a Customized Experience for Buyers

You have 10 seconds or less to convince a consumer to stay on your site.  You better give them what they are looking for!

Buying Buddy includes powerful customization methods to help you attract and retain prospects by tailoring home search services to precisely match their needs!

Configure IDX widgets to fit your website theme

A widget configuration panel allows you to configure colors, and for some widgets, a choice of layouts.
Advanced webmasters can even modify the CSS (see below).

Customization Options

  • Canned Property Displays:
    Customized display of any properties with any MLS criteria or fields, on any page or blog post as a list, grid or map
  • Canned Search Links:
    Links with custom search criteria can take consumers straight to specific search results
  • Custom Search Forms:
    Create your own search forms that focus on searches relevant to your target market
  • Custom Lead Capture Forms:
    Create your own lead capture forms that register consumers and capture leads
  • Custom Lead Capture methods:
    Use APIs and custom methods to create your own squeeze page flows
  • Widget Functions:
    Apply custom actions in your website using our library of functions

Examples of Custom Search Forms

Create custom IDX search forms

Advanced CSS Customization

MBB widgets are embedded on your website and therefore all CSS is fully available. This enables manipulation of widget styling, as well as creation of custom search forms and lead capture methods. If you wish you can easily add your own CSS rules to change layouts, add rounded corners, shadows - what ever you want!

Example of Custom CSS

Apply custom CSS to your IDX widgets

Configuration and APIs

Extending widget capabilities with our APIs and advanced customization features will allow you to create a very unique home-search resource and experience for your target market.