IDX Widgets for Service, Retention and Loyalty

Buying Buddy is all about giving Buyers the friendliest and best home search service.

Registered clients have their personal Buying Buddy account with the following services:

  • Search using 'advanced' MLS criteria
  • Save properties and rank properties with personal notes
  • Save Searches
  • Create Just Listed Email Property Alerts
  • See Property Recommendations from Agent
MLS IDX Buyers tools in My Account

Built-in Lead Capture and Services

Lead capture is built-in to Buying Buddy.

  • Lead capture options are embedded on widgets
  • Customize lead capture with squeeze pages, call-to-action and custom methods
  • Configuration options allows you to flex between 'hard' and 'soft' registration requirements.


Here is just a small collection of some of our standard widgets using one of many available standard color themes.

Example Search Widget

IDX RETS Search Widget

Example Results

IDX RETS property search Results

Example Interactive Map Widget

Add shapes, display with shapes, save property alerts based on shapes.

IDX RETS Interactive Map with slider bars

Property Display

IDX RETS Property display