Joomla IDX plugin powers your Real Estate Website

IDX websites with Joomla

The My Buying Buddy Joomla IDX Plugin makes it fast and easy to add mobile-responsive IDX to your Joomla website.

Easy and Quick to Setup IDX with shortcodes

Once you have setup your My Buying Buddy account, add the MBB IDX JavaScript library to your Joomla website, and then simply add IDX shortcodes where ever you want to display IDX search, results, properties or lead capture forms.

Example: Display an IDX Search Form on your Joomla Website

Simply embed the search-form shortcode!

<div id="MBBv3_SearchForm">

This is what gets displayed!

IDX Search for Joomla

Example: Display MLS Properties with IDX on your Joomla Website

Simply embed an appropriate Display Widget <div> shortcode with an appropriate "filter" that is easily created using our Filter Wizard.
IDX Display Widgets include Gallery / Grid, List or Map display.

For example, here is a shortcode that shows a Gallery or Grid display or properties. In this case, it will show 9 of the most recent properties in rows of 3, where city = denver AND the property has a deck.

<div id="MBBv3_FeaturedGallery" filter="city:denver+outdoor_features:deck+columns3">

See how easy it is to Add IDX to your Joomla site

See our support article showing you how to install and use the Buying Buddy Joomla IDX plugin.