IDX Plugin Widget Features

An overview of some of the IDX Plugin Features!

IDX Plugin Capabilities
  • Plugin can be added to any site
  • All widgets integrated to CRM
  • Widgets can be seamlessly added to any page or blog post
  • All widgets and listings are on YOUR full domain (i.e. NOT on a subdomain)
  • Responsive mobile widget application
  • Lead capture built-in
  • Easy to install in just a few moments in ANY website
  • Seamless in your website: All listing content appears in line, seamlessly integrated with content you write on your pages and posts
WordPress plugin Features
  • SEO optimized property details page
  • Indexable listings
  • WordPress plugin generates indexable listings
  • TITLE, Description and H1 tags all optimized
  • Shortcode support for all widgets
Responsive Mobile Widget
  • Widgets respond to desktop, tablet or phone
  • Search by "What's Nearby"
IDX Search
  • Full MLS search form widget, and Quick Search form widget
  • Supports one or multiple MLS
  • All available MLS data fields can be used for searching - not just the popular ones
  • Create your own custom search forms
Interactive IDX Mapping
  • Add the map widget to any page
  • Define map results with any criteria
  • Use areas / polygons to predefine searches
  • Responsive map adjust to vistor's searches
  • Map Search with up to 4500 points per search
Lead Capture
  • Sign up for Automated Home Search Services (Buying Buddy)
  • Lead capture / call-to-action built-in to all widgets (save search, property alerts, save properties, and more..)
  • Soft registration: Automated home search services for consumers
  • Interactive services for Buyers
  • Hard / forced registration: Configure limits on searches and property views
  • Lead Capture
Property Display
  • Comprehensive MLS data presented for each property
  • Photo slideshow
  • Upload HD photos for your listings
  • Embed live listing data on any page
  • Customize property display on your web pages with MLS search filters
  • Show properties on your domain
  • Feature your own listings
  • Feature listings from multiple Agents
  • Present your own private listings (sold, rentals, under-contract etc)
Team/Office Options
  • Create Sub Account Websites
Custom Widgets
  • Custom search panels
  • Custom search links (URLs)
  • Custom lead capture forms
  • Custom lead capture methods (APIs)
Configurable CSS
  • Many widgets to choose from (Full Search, Quick Search, Mapping, List, Gallery, My Account)
  • Customize widgets to fit your website theme
  • Search with standard search widgets or create custom search forms
  • Interactive Map Search widget
Other Widgets
  • Search
  • Display
  • Lead Capture
  • Sign up / Login / My Account
  • Quick widgets
  • About Me
  • Roster - for Teams / offices
  • MLS Disclaimers
NOTE: Search and filter options vary by MLS.