IDX Reseller Opportunities

We want to partner with you! See our partnership programs below:

Referral Program    
  • For: Anyone who can refer a client to our service
  • We then take care of everything.
Developer / Reseller    
  • For: Website developers creating real estate websites for Agents and Brokers
  • Who Provides support: We do
Theme Partner    
  • For: WordPress theme developers wanting to integrate MBB widgets in your themes
  • Who Provides support: We do

Summary of Partnership Programs

  Referral Developer / Reseller Theme Partner
Minimum Referrals to qualify - 2 any
Client pays setup fee? yes no no
Referral fee to you? $50 - -
Who supports Agents? We do We do We do
Your Earnings? Check to you Check to you -
Commission levels? - 20% to 35% -

Note: There are no white label branded versions or unique designs/layouts due to the contractual obligations we have with the various MLS. However, due to the unique flexibility of Buying Buddy widgets you will be able to offer each of your clients a very customized solution.

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