Office IDX CRM Solution

The Office solution gives you a complete marketing system for your brokerage to help and your Agents with online marketing, listing marketing - and to be more successful, productive and efficient.

The Office solution is built with the Buying Buddy IDX CRM suite with all it's features and benefits, plus some unique components just to support an office environment.

The multi-user Office solution provides a Brokerage Office with a Lead Capture solution for your main company website as well as a selection of solutions for Agents and a Business Center for internal communications, company calendar and document sharing.

Real Estate Office solution

Key Features

  • Company website
  • Private Intranet Business Center for your Office's shared online resources
  • Office Roster
  • Individual Agent pages with comprehensive agent BIOs, social links, featured properties, sold properties and more
  • (optional) Individual Agent Websites with domain name and personal lead capture methods
  • Lead Referral system and tracking
  • Property marketing system

Complete Website Hosting Options

Our Office Solution is usually provided as a complete hosted website solution that includes at least the following services:

  • We will create a professional modern office website
  • Website includes Office locations and Agent roster
  • All Agents have access to the Business Center and their own Profile
  • Agent Profile pages are indexable with their contact details, active and sold listings
  • Agents can upgrade to be Lead Managers with full access to the Lead Management system, and if you have the Express Site option, then all these agents have a sub-domain website too

Self-hosted Website Hosting Options

The Buying Buddy Office Solution can be easily added to your existing office Website to give you all the front-end functionality provided by the Widgets, as well as the Business Center and lead management systems.

For your self hosted website, you can then add additional Websites to your account and assign to Agents to provide your Agents with independent websites (unique domains or sub-domain) all powered by your main account.

(Agent profile pages are not indexable for self-hosted solutions).

Recruitment and Retention

Offer Agents in your Office a variety of website solutions to meet their needs:

  • Roster Agent: Just appear on the Office Roster
  • Lead Manager Agents: Enjoy the full lead management capabilities provided by the Leads and Contacts CRM system
  • Personal Websites. Agents may have their own personal Website. Agent accounts can be linked to the Office Website to help with Lead Capture and Distribution, and also to connect Agent to the Office Business Center.

At an Office level, there is complete visibility, with reports on Agent activity, Referred leads and Listings.  Centralized control provides visibility across the whole organization.

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