Real Estate Teams

Capture Leads for Agents and use team structures and reports to optimize team performance.

Adding Buying Buddy to your team website helps convert more buyers to leads. Automatically assign leads to your team

The multi-user Team solution provides the added capability to support and assign leads to multiple users with different roles (e.g. Agent, LO / Lender, Assistant etc). This allows multiple users, with different roles, to all work with the same lead.

Each Agent/User has their own log-in and only sees leads assigned to them.

The Team solution is suitable for small or large teams and includes the following key features for teams:

Real Estate Teams Marketing system
  • Lead Assignment and distribution with Round Robin or other policies
  • Team Dashboard to help monitor Team Member follow up and activities
  • Complete visibility of lead activity and team member activity
  • Automate your workflow processes and action plans for Agents and team members
  • Automated follow up for leads and prospects
  • Individual and Team Lead Performance Reports
  • Multiple Website and Multi-MLS support
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