Real Estate Lead Management

Buying Buddy CRM has everything you need in a single system to work effectively with leads and clients, or to automate your lead follow-up, so that you can engage many more prospects with ease.

  • Detailed insights into lead activity
  • Automated follow-up activity and lead management tasks
  • Tools for collaborating with your leads and clients

Lead Incubation

After all the effort and cost of capturing leads, it's natural to focus on the few leads that want to buy "now".

However, the large number of leads and prospects that don't want to buy "now", represent your future business!

Buying Buddy CRM will maximize your productivity by helping you to collaborate with current prospects and clients as needed, while automatically nurturing your medium and long-term leads.

Lead Insights

Monitor, Track and Manage leads

The integrated lead management system gives you the information you need to effectively monitor, track and manage your leads and clients.

  • Automatically set leads with email and action plan campaigns
  • Detailed insights to a lead's search activity make it easy for you to quickly determine the best approach for any lead
  • A record of all emails, notes and history is kept for all your leads helping you to stay connected and informed.

Developing Lead (and Client) Loyalty

Develop a strong sense of loyalty in leads to you and your website with great property search services that compel them to want to regularly return to your website.

Property Alerts, keep-in-touch Drip Email campaigns and Action Plans all help automate the process of creating a sustained dialogue with your leads to continually bring them back, helping you to get a Return On Investment (ROI) from your real estate marketing programs.

Grow your Lead Loyalty

Collaborate with Leads, Prospects and Clients

Collaborate with your leads and clients

Buying Buddy CRM gives you the tools you need to support and help your clients and prospects with their home searches.

The "Recommend" feature allows you, as the Agent, to create Just Listed email property alerts, save searches and save properties too, all on behalf of your leads.

Automated Follow-up Drip Email and Action Plans

Flexible and easy-to-use, Drip Campaigns are the best possible way to keep in touch with your contacts through consistent and automated follow-up.

Each of your leads and contacts can be assigned an appropriate, automated follow-up plan.

Each plan can be customized - and can contain a series of emails or calls and actions scheduled to occur on a time-released basis.

Automated drip email campaigns