Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains information related to IDX RETS and CRM, and our Services. If you cannot find an answer to your question, make sure to contact us.

Setup and Integration

The Buying Buddy WordPress plugin is available both as a WordPress plugin and JavaScript library plugin for other website systems including HTML, PHP, Squarespace, Joomla, Weebly etc.

Buying Buddy requires JavaScript (jQuery) when each web page loads.

For MOST website solutions this is fully supported, however there are some website solutions that we do not support. See full review here.

If in doubt, ask your website vendor these 2 questions:
Q1. "Can you add a custom JavaScript library to load on every page?"
Q2. "Is it possible to add custom html code to a page that IS output with the page code and NOT placed inside IFRAMES or other similar code controlling methods?"

MBB widgets are added as HTML 'div' tags on pages and cannot be output in IFRAMEs.

See below for a summary of website systems:

Website systems that DO support Buying Buddy plugin
  • WordPress hosted websites using the MBB WordPress Plugin (but NOT free websites)
  • PHP, HTML (using the MBB JavaScript library)
    • Works with all CSS responsive frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation etc.
  • Squarespace (using the MBB JavaScript library)
  • Weebly (using the MBB JavaScript library)
  • Duda (using the MBB JavaScript library)
  • Joomla, RUBY, Drupal (using the MBB JavaScript library)
  • Adobe MUSE (using the MBB JavaScript library)
Website CMS systems that do not work:

NOTE: The most common reason why Buying Buddy does not work on these CMS systems is because MBB widgets CANNOT work if they are in IFRAMES.
Putting the MBB widget code into IFRAMEs at first glance seems to work!
However, because the our Widgets are inside an IFRAME they are essentially invisible. This means our application cannot find the widgets so it is unable to show results after a search. In addition, any content in an IFRAME will show ugly scroll bars and will not be mobile-responsive - so IDX content on your website will likely look terrible when viewed on a mobile device.

  • WIX (last reviewed mid 2016)
    WIX puts all HTML code content into IFRAMEs.
  • (last reviewed Aug 2016) puts all code content into IFRAMEs.
  • Godaddy's "Website Builder" System (last reviewed Jan 2016).
    This CMS system is designed to provide a large and extensive framework for you to make it easy to build websites Unfortunately, the large amount of JavaScript embedded in the CMS created many conflicts with the MBB widget system.
    Godaddy say, "The Website Builder System is designed to be easy to use by novices and for the function you seek, you need to choose a different website system".
  • iPage Website Builder (May 2018)
    iPage puts all code content into IFRAMEs.
  • Google Sites (2018)
    Google Sites puts all code content into IFRAMEs.


Without JavaScript support, your options for adding IDX to your website will be limited to using FRAMEs. This presents several issues that you should consider:

  • You'll need to select an IDX solution that works in an I-FRAME, which will limit your options for integration to your website design
  • Use of a I-FRAME blocks any chance of having a mobile responsive IDX solution
    - your IDX solution will not be responsive
    - it won't work well on mobile
    - rankings will be penalized by Google
  • The use of IDX in a FRAME really stopped being developed several years ago by most vendors, So, this restriction also implies that you will have a limited choice of older IDX solutions


Many 'easy-to-use' and so called 'free' website building systems such as WIX, iPage and put content in IFRAMES which stops MBB Widgets from working.

The MBB Widget functions need to work natively on your web pages.

The Buying Buddy widgets are responsive and so are designed to fill the available space. When you use an IFRAME, it fixes the width and height of the content inside it - so if the widget display is bigger than the IFRAME then it will be cut off.

If the Widgets are placed inside an IFRAME then they are essentially 'hidden' and cannot be seen by our system.
What's misleading in this case is that quite often the widgets will display and will show properties!

However, when a search is executed from any search form the request goes back to our servers that creates the result, which then gets sent back to the Results Widget on your 'results' page.
But, because the Results Widget in an IFRAME, our system cannot see it or access it and so the search result never gets shown.

Support for SEO friendly Property Pages and Indexed Listing pages is provided for two website solutions:

  • WordPress - using our WordPress plugin
  • PHP - using our PHP API and JavaScript plugin

In both cases, the MBB plugin creates indexable listing pages (with long tail URLs) and SEO friendly property details pages.

Installing and setting up Buying Buddy on your website is very simple. If you have a WordPress website then this is made very easy and almost no technical skills are required. If you have a HTML, PHP, Joomla, Weebly or other CMS system, then you will be including <script> code to load our MBB JavaScript library on every page in your site.

In summary:

  1. Install Plugin code.
    For WordPress this is the "Buying Buddy WordPress plugin";
    For all other systems, you need to include the MBB JavaScript library <script> (typically in the <head> section of your page)
    so that it loads on every page.
  2. Create 2 designated pages and install the appropriate widget code to each.
    Each widget is displayed with an additional piece of HTML (or a WordPress shortcode) that needs to be placed in in a containing area that is big enough.
    1. Create a "results" page and install the "results" widget
    2. Create a "details" page and install the "details" widget
  3. Add a search form widget (piece of HTML or WordPress shortcode) to display a search form on some other page.
    You can even create a custom search form !

That's all you need to do to get the basic system working.

After this you can then continue to add MBB widgets and functions to display properties, add more search forms and more - to any number of additional pages in your website.

Buying Buddy IDX is installed as a regular WordPress plugin and requires NO special capability in any WordPress theme. you can therefore install the MBB IDX WordPress plugin in any WordPress Theme.

MBB WordPress Shortcodes do all the hard work of displaying standard search forms, results, maps etc.

When considering a theme, bear in mind the following:

  • Choose a theme with page layouts that will allow you to allocate space in the design to show a 'search form', or show ' results' etc.
    The IDX widgets are responsive and will load in the space available to them in the page design.
  • Remember, the presentation of Results and Property Details etc. is ENTIRELEY handled by our widgets - so if you find a theme that you like because it presents property information in a certain way, then just bear in mind the NONE of that will be used by Buying Buddy. Our IDX components include theme styling and customization options.
  • Do NOT choose a theme that is designed to accept a raw IDX feed. The display of results and property details is all handled by the Buying Buddy widgets / WordPress shortcodes
  • A small number of WordPress themes can include a large number of plugins that create animations, slideshows and more. Be aware that the more plugins and complex your base theme, the more possible it is to see conflicts between plugins - ours included.

Buying Buddy works using new web technologies such as JavaScript and AJAX, which means that when you embed the service in your web pages, it fits seamlessly.

There are no FRAMES, no scroll bars, no sub-domains, no domain masking - just full function real estate search and property display on any pages or blog posts in your own website.

A configuration panel allows you to change theme colors. However, if you are comfortable with CSS, then all the CSS rules can be over written allowing you to use CSS3 effects such as gradients, rounded corners and shadows, or even modify layouts.

No. You must embed MBB IDX and Service widgets and other MNN functions on your web pages. All the presentation of property data and information is handled by the MBB widgets.

Here is a summary of some of the customization options:

  • The theme and style of MBB widgets can be modified using our wizard-based theming system available in your account. This allows you to change colors and fonts from our library of themes or even create your own theme.
    All the Widget CSS is accessible if you want to create your own local CSS rules.
  • You may create your own Custom Search Forms to offer a specific type of search experience.
  • Search and display widgets can be extensively customized using FILTERS to adjust what properties are displayed and how they are displayed.
  • There are many additional quick widgets, APIs and user-variable options that you can use if you are a programmer.

MBB Widgets are designed to be responsive and present beautifully on all types of platform.

The MBB widgets use a responsive grid framework in our own defined namespace.
We do not use Bootstrap or Foundation.

IDX / MLS Services in Your Website

Yes! Creating specialized pages in your website or BLOG helps you target specific audiences, and this helps with SEO and getting pages found. You can then seamlessly add property display widgets with canned searches to show any properties you like based on any available MLS criteria.

IDX data is refreshed constantly throughout the day for most MLS. This is synchronized with any Property Alerts that that need to be sent.

The actual frequency of updates depends on the feed of IDX data we receive from your MLS.

Property Alerts can be created using any of the available MLS criteria AND map areas too. And Agents can also create alerts for their leads too - and see and update ones saved by leads in their account.

Listings will have a unique URL on your website - and so that link can be shared anywhere

Custom Search links can also be created as a link, using a simple Wizard system, and shared anywhere too.

Working with Leads and Prospects

Yes, we have a large selection of instant alerts and notifications by email and SMS that agents can set as needed.

All alerts and emails to your Leads will be sent from YOU and will have your email "signature", and will include any branding you set up too.
So, Everything is seen by the consumer as coming from the Agent. The reply-to address is set to the Agents email address.

Property Alerts to your clients and leads can be sent out according to the following frequencies:

All-day alerts (if your MLS RETS feed provides or allows us to get continuous updates)
Daily Alerts (sent out in the morning)
Weekly Alerts
Monthly Alerts

For you, there are a many Alerts and Notifications that you can choose to receive by email and/or SMS.
These include new lead notifications and so on.